Setup of SMS

After launching your Bot Assistant you will also get a dedicated phone number for SMS and Voice.

Your Bot's Phone Number

The Bot Assistant will have a dedicated phone number to use for sending/receiving SMS and Voice Calls. (Note: Currently Voice AI is only available for enterprise customers. SMS is available for all plans)

If you want to test SMS with your Bot, you can login to the RAIA App and click on the Bot you want to test, and then click Test SMS

Using SMS for Inbound Campaigns

An Inbound Campaign is when a person sends an SMS to your Bot (usually with very limited context). Your Bot can support this easily, and engage the user by asking questions and driving toward a call-to-action (this is very similar to how Live Chat would work - where a user is initiating the chat).

If you plan on promoting or publicly showing your Bot's Phone number then you can expect Inbound requests. All conversations would be viewable in the RAIA App and also you can receive an email of every conversation once it's complete.

An Example Implementation of Inbound SMS would be putting "TEXT US AT (XXX) YYY-ZZZZ if you have any questions". Anyone who would text your number would get a response from your BOT.

Using SMS for Outbound Campaigns

An outbound campaign is when the Bot Assistant is sending the initial SMS to your Contacts. In this use-case the Intro message is used as the initial message sent. The intro message can be personalized to each contact if using the API. If you are uploading Contacts via CSV you can set the Intro message for each list.

It is important to follow TCPA guidelines when sending SMS messages to consumers. The following messaging (or similar language) should be included on any web form where you are capturing the Phone number to receive an outbound SMS from you.

"I agree to receive text messages and/or calls (including prerecorded and/or artificial voice messages) from [Your Company Name] at the telephone number provided above. I understand that my consent is not a condition of purchase or receipt of services. I understand that I may receive up to [X] messages per month and that message and data rates may apply. I can unsubscribe from receiving text messages at any time by texting STOP to [Your Opt-Out Number/Code]. For calls, I can opt-out by informing the caller. For more information, see our Privacy Policy [hyperlink to your privacy policy]."

The first message will also automatically include the language which lets the recipient that can reply "STOP" to no longer receive SMS messages from your Bot.

Real-Time SMS Outbound

The most powerful way to leverage your conversational Bot Assistant is to have anyone who engages with your marketing / website who fills out a form to receive an SMS message from your Bot Assistant.

To implement this Real-Time integration you can use our API.

Essentially, once a person submits the form on your landing page or website you can send their contact info (FNAME, LNAME, PHONE, EMAIL, SOURCE, etc) to our API and your Bot Assistant will contact them and have a conversation.

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