Setting Up Security

How Security Works

We have two levels of Security for the RAIA Admin. The first is at the Client Level (this controls general access to all logins under the Client's Account. The second is A.I. Assistant (Bot) specific access.

Things to consider when setting up Security Access:

  • Each Assistant you launch will have a specific function. You will want to provide admin access to logins that need to manage that specific Assistant. For end users we recommend Manager Access, which allows restricted access and restricts them from training and other admin functions.

  • For Admins who are training the assistant, uploading files and require full access you can setup with Admin Access for the Bot. But if you want to limit their abilities in the Account, you can setup with lower level at the Client Security Setup.

Setup Bot (Assistant) Logins

By default, if you are the owner of the account you will have a login. You can add additional login accounts under your Client. Each Bot has a Setup Access option where you can determin which logins can access which Bots. There are multiple levels of security which include:

Owner Access (Level 1)

This is the default access level and allows for full access to the Bot.

Admin (Level 2)

This allows the Login to Update the Bot including Training. (Read, Write, Import, API, Training). Able to update Bot's Email, SMS, Chat configuration. Able to add / edit Logins.

Manager (Level 3)

This allows the Login to Manage the Bot. (Read, Write). Able to update Bot's Email, SMS, Chat configuration. (No Access to Logins or Training)

Viewer (Level 4)

This gives read only access to the Bot Admin (Read Only (No Email Notification))

Public (Level 5)

This gives only public access to Bot. No Admin Access.

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