Welcome to RAIA

Launch powerful A.I. Assistants to automate your business.

Introducing RAIA ™, a launch pad for A.I. Assistants to power your business. Customized to know your business inside out, RAIA ™ ensures real-time conversational interactions with employees, prospects and customers.

Learn more at https://raiabot.com

Build your Bot

With RAIABot.com you start by creating your first bot at https://raiabot.com/botmk

RAIA allows for you to rapidly build, manage and deploy A.I. Assistants at scale with no code.

Once you have deployed your first A.I. Assistant (bot) , you will be given access to our RAIA A.I. Platform that helps you manage and monitor your A.I. Assistants.

Core Functionality includes:

  • Ability to create and manage multiple A.I. Assistants with unique training, contact information and access control.

  • Ability to monitor all communications with each A.I. Assistant including web chat, SMS, Email.

  • Ability to setup default messaging at Assistant level, Contact list level or individual contact level.

  • Ability to integrate with existing applications leveraging our API and Webhook.

  • Ability to upload existing contacts.

  • Ability to update training instructions and configure each assistant to perform a clear task (answer and ask questions, drive to call-to-action, etc)

  • Setup Automated Actions for bots based on certain triggers.

  • Add members of your team to access your assistants and build their own assistants.

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