Case Study - LinkedIn Sales Navigator Outreach

In this example, we integrated RAIA with LinkedIn Sales Navigator. The customer wanted to automate outreach to prospects they targeted on LinkedIn Sales Navigator and also wanted to personalize each message based on basic information about the prospect.

Step 1: We required API Access to the LinkedIn Account in order to pull information on profiles.

Here is an example of a prospect where we wanted RAIA to create a custom message and email to this prospect once we added to our List and triggered the campaign.

Once we had the API into LinkedIn, we generated the Email using a RAIA Assistant, and then sent the details of the Contact along with the generated Email to the RAIA API to trigger a New Conversation.

Once RAIA recieves the API Call, it then queues up the email to be sent from the Assistant. So any replied would be answered by the Assistant. See below an example of the email sent out to the contact above.

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