Case Study - Hubspot Deal Update

The following is a case study of a business called ROOF which needed to use RAIA to reach out to Real Estate Agents to get updates on deals they referred via their referral network.

The process was:

  1. In Hubspot they had deals which they referred to agents.

  2. When they changed the DEAL STAGE - they wanted RAIA to reach out to the agent and have a conversation about the status of the deal (e.g. If they connected with property owner, if property was listed, etc)

  3. We used Zapier to trigger when Hubspot Deal Stage changed, and then posted to RAIA API to create an action API > newConversation.

  4. Once live, the concierge team can now simply change status of the Deal, and RAIA will send a customized txt message to agent and have a conversation about the deal. And once done, the conversation will go back into the notes.

This is a screen shot of the Deal Stages in Hubspot. They created new stages "NEED CONTACT UPDATE", etc to use to trigger RAIA to do outreach.

In Zapier, they setup a ZAP that would look for the Property Change and then Post to Webhook ( which would tell RAIA to reach out to the Agent.

Once RAIA received the request, she sent out an SMS to the Agent with a customized Intro based on the information from Hubspot.

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