Setting up your A.I. Assistant

It is important that you setup you A.I. Assistant prior to launching so you can ensure it is able to effectively communicate with users. Access by clicking on the Bot you want to setup and you will see each option in tiles.

Setup your Default Email

Make sure you setup your default Introduction Email and Email Signature. This ensures that any outbound conversation that is triggered will have a strong introduction message. If you upload Contacts or use the API to trigger outbound messages and don't include an intro - it will default to the Bot Intro.

Here is the logic we use to determine which Intro to use for outbound campaigns:

  1. First we check to see if you included a custom Intro in the Contacts Upload (or in API Call if using API)

  2. Second we check to see if you added an Intro as part of the Uploaded List.

  3. Third, we default to using the Intro setup under your Bot.

Setup your Default SMS

Make sure to setup your default SMS. This works exactly like Email. We default to the Bot SMS Intro if not provided in the Contact Upload or List.

Setup your Web Chat

Make sure you setup your Web Chat by customizing the experience using your logo / icon and color scheme.

Only Manager, Admin, Owner receive Email Notifications for Conversations.

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