Launching a Campaign

If you are wanting to launch an outbound campaign you can do so by creating a campaign after you have uploaded Contacts

Click on Campaigns and go to Add Campaign

Name your Campaign and choose the Bot you want to send the campaign. If anyone responds to the campaign, the Bot will respond and engage in conversation.

Click on Launch Campaign to edit the Campaign before sending.

The setup of a campaign include these key pieces of information:

  1. Channel: Email, SMS, etc

  2. What message to send. You can choose from a custom personalized message you uploaded with your contacts, load/update the default message from your Bot, or create a custom message from scratch for this campaign.

  3. Who is receiving the campaign - pick a contact list.

  4. Who is sending the message - choose a Bot.

The message will show up on the right side and you can edit and save. When you are ready to launch click Launch Campaign.

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