Setup of RAIA Contacts

The setup of RAIA requires the following steps:

Create a Bot

  • In order to launch RAIA - you start by going to

    • We will ask you details on what you want the bot to do.

    • We will gather information that we can use to train the bot.

    • We wil ask you to provide us questions and call-to-action for the bot to use.

  • Once the Bot is Setup, you will be able to test the bot.

  • There is usually a process of testing and fine-tuning the AI prior to going live. We have an A.I. team who can help refine your bot(s) once you become a customer.

Adding Contacts for Outbound

Any time someone engages with your Bot we create a Recipient in the RAIA App. We also allow you to upload Contacts into RAIA app which can also be used to launch an outbound campaign to engage them with your Bot.

Note: It is not required to upload contacts for RAIA to work. It is only needed when you are looking to launch an outbound campaign to existing leads you have in a CSV File.

  • Setup of Contacts/Leads

    • We have two options on how to add Recipients / Contacts into the RAIA App. The first one is via API (for developers or real-time integration) and the second one is by uploading a CSV File.

    • Once a contact/lead is in our system you can send to RAIA to contact.

  • Required Information

    • Each Lead requires First Name, Last Name and either an email or phone.

    • We also require basic information about the lead (or lead list if you uploaded) including:

      • Source - Where did the lead come from?

      • Context - What was the context of how the lead / contact is related to you.

      • Intro - What is the introduction you want RAIA to use when it sends the first message to the lead / contact.

Fields we support for Contacts

  • First Name (required)

  • Last Name (required)

  • Email (required for email outreach)

  • Phone (required for SMS outreach)

  • Address 1

  • Address 2

  • City

  • State

  • Zip

  • Source

  • Intro (the first message to send to Contact)

  • Context (the context of your relationship with Contact)

  • FKID (Unique ID you use for this Contact)

  • FKUserID (Unique ID you use for the owner of this Contact)

  • Channel (Default Channel to communicate with Contact - SMS or EMAIL)

Step 1: Go to Upload under Contacts.

Step 2: Upload a CSV or XLS document with your contacts. We recommend uploading multiple files if they have different Sources of Context. For example, if one lists was generated from online ads and one list was generated from a conference. There is a limit to 1,000 contacts per list.

Step 3: Once you upload your file, the import wizard will provide a preview of your data.

Step 4: The next step will ask you to map your fields to the fields we have in our Contacts. If you do not have a field simply select the Ignore this Column. We do require a Name, Phone and/or Email.

You can view all your contacts under View Contacts as well.

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