How it works enables you to create conversation bots for any task you want for your business. The most popular use-cases include a sales assistant to help qualify leads or support bots.

Once your setup your first Bot Assistant

Once you setup your first bot assistant you will see it has the ability to SMS, Email and Live Chat.

Here is example of what you will see once you login to to view your bot

If you are in a Trial Account your experience will be limited until you upgrade but you will be able to test the communication to/from your bot assistant via SMS, Email and Live Chat. You will also have the ability to test the Live Chat on a website (we provide the Javascript code to embed on your website)

Once you upgrade you will be able to test Outbound functionality as well. Outbound is when you send out SMS or Email to your contacts from your bot to engage/start a conversation.

INBOUND = When a prospect/customer sends the first message to the Bot Assistant.

OUTBOUND = When the Bot Assistant sends the first message.

As the bot begins having conversations, you can view the conversations in the RAIA admin.

The Contact (Lead / Visitor / Recipient) Experience

The contact who is engaging in conversation with RAIA will be primarily over TXT (SMS), Email or a Web Chat.

RAIA can start the conversation by sending an SMS or Email to the contact using the Introduction text you provide. For example, if you upload a contact who submitted a form on your website, you can tell RAIA to start the conversation by sending a TXT message that says "Thank you for visiting my website, I am here to answer any questions you may have and help setup a time that is best for you to speak to one of our experts."

The entire conversation is saved and available for you to view via our RAIA App.

Web Chat Experience

Much like the SMS or Email Experience the Web Chat Experience works in the same way. Here is an example of a clients website with the RAIA Web Chat helping qualify new leads.

(this is an example website with the Web Chat integrated. You can see that you can customize the design of the chat to match your brand)

The RAIA App Experience

R.A.I.A. provides an application for you to login and setup and monitor RAIA. The core functionality includes:

  • Setup of your personalize A.I. Bot

  • Ability to upload existing Contacts you would like your A.I. Bot to engage with via SMS or E-mail.

  • Ability to integrate other applications with RAIA to submit leads or retrieve conversations via our API and setting up a Webhook.

  • Ability to view all Conversations between your A.I. Bot and your Contacts.

The primary utility of RAIA is to engage in conversation with leads (Contacts) you provide either in a file upload or real-time via API or Form. Once RAIA engages in conversation with the lead, all messages are viewable in the app. RAIA also summarizes and scores each conversation to make it easier for you to focus on the qualified opportunities.

You can view the Conversations in the RAIA App which includes a summary of the conversation and a score. The score is from 0 to 10 and lets you know the quality of the conversation.

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