The following are terms we use in the application and also in our help guide, so we wanted to provide clear definitions.

RAIA = The A.I. powered Assistant. The core application behind each A.I. Bot we deploy for clients.

BOT = A Bot is an instance of RAIA that is customizable for the client. We train the bot on specific information, processes, qualification process and call-to-action for each client.

CONVERSATION (or Thread) = The series of messages between the Bot and the Contact (or Lead).

CONTACT = Any contact that is uploaded into the app. (We refer to these as Leads as well).

RECIPIENT / USER = Any contact we actually engage with using RAIA.

CONTACT LIST = The list of Contacts you upload (we also call this Upload). You can upload multiple lists over time. We recommend segmenting your lists based on the SOURCE and CONTEXT of the contacts in the list - to ensure they get a strong and relevant INTRO message on first contact.

SOURCE = We ask you include a SOURCE for each Contact List so we understand (and RAIA understands) where the contacts were sourced. For example, you can put "Website" or "Trade Show" or "Facebook" or "Customers".

CONTEXT = We ask for Context of each Contact List so we understand the "context" of how the lead / contact knows you. For example, if the lead was a past customer - the context would be "This contact is a past customer".

INTRO = We ask for you to provide an INTRO message that RAIA will use for the first contact message. This dramatically improves the number of replies / conversations if the contact/lead understand who and why they are reaching out. For example - "Hello. Recently you visited our website at, and I wanted to reach out to answer any questions. Would you like to setup a time to talk?".

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