Example - kvCore

The following integration example is with kvCORE CRM (but the process is very similar with most CRM platforms. In this use-case the lead is being sent from the CRM to RAIA (via Zapier) to allow RAIA to start a conversation with the lead.

Step 1: Add a Trigger and Connection for your CRM. Typically this requires an API Key (or for you to login and connect your CRM) to allow Zapier to authenticate.

First get the API Key in kvCore under - All Lead Engine Tools > Lead Drobox (the direct link is https://app.kvcore.com/lead-engine)

You can copy and paste the ZAPIER KEY on screen above.

Then Login to Zapier

Step 2: If your CRM does require an API Key you typically would copy it from your CRM under a section for Integration.

Step 3: While you are in your CRM - we recommend setting up a TEST LEAD. This will be used in Zapier as the lead we test with when we run the ZAP. Use an email and phone number you have access to - so you can receive the tests.

Step 4: Connect to your CRM and select the event to use that will trigger the event (in most cases this is called something like "New Lead")

Step 5: For the Action add our webhook and connect the fields you are getting from your CRM to the required fields in RAIA Webhook. See below as a sample mapping.

Step 6: Once you create the Trigger and Action, you can test. Choose the test lead you generated to test and post to RAIA webhook. The lead should then receive your Default Email or Default SMS setup in your bot and the conversation will be started.

In some cases, your CRM may support sequences where you trigger the ZAP only in certain circumstances. In this same below via kvCORE CRM - it supported the ability to trigger RAIA based on a Campaign Action. This allows you more control over when you want to send a contact to RAIA.

Adding Webhook to update kvCore

In order to send information back to kvCore you need to setup a webhook in RAIA to push conversations back into the CRM.

Choose Catch Hook and click next. (leave pick off child key blank) click Continue.

First step, is to create a ZAP and start with Zapier Webhooks as the trigger. Once Zapier gives you the URL of the webhook, you can then add it to RAIA.

Once the webhook is added in RAIA, you can click Test Webhook and it will send a post to Zapier so you can test the step and view sample data.

After clicking Once the sample data is posted, you can then add the next step in the ZAP which is kvCore update contact. This will allow you to add notes to a contact with the conversations that happen with RAIA.

Make sure you map the core fields Email, First Name, Last Name and then inside of NOTES you can add the Conversation Score, Conversation Summary and if you want to link back to the conversation you can include the link:


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