Integration using Zapier

Another way to integrate your CRM (or other business apps) with RAIA is using Zapier as an integration hub. You can use the following Webhook URL to deliver leads from Hubspot.


Use this webhook for sending data (contacts, etc) to RAIA from your CRM

Our Webhook accepts the same fields as our API. You would be passing these variables from your CRM to ZAPIER and from ZAPIER to the webhook (see below a walk thru setup with Zapier)

APIKEY (required)
Each Bot has a unique APIKey.

FNAME (required)
First Name of Contact

LNAME (required)
Last Name of Contact

CHANNEL (defaults to SMS)
Must be SMS or EMAIL (the method of communication bot will use)

PHONE (required for Channel SMS)
Phone of Contact

EMAIL (required for Channel EMAIL)
Email of Contact

Source of Contact

Context of your relationship with this contact

The first message bot will send to contact

Your custom identifier (ID) for this contact

Your custom identifier (ID) for the contact owner (e.g. Sales Rep)

Step by Step Guide for Zapier Integration


Screenshot Walkthrough:

In this step by step we use the example of Hubspot - but any other CRM should work the same way.

Step 1: Login to Zapier and create a ZAP. Select your CRM as the Trigger

Step 2: Connect to your CRM to allow Zapier to access.

Step 3: Retrieve data from your CRM to test..

Step 4: Select Webhooks by Zapier as the action in the Zap

Step 5: Select POST as the event.

Step 6: Add the RAIA Webhook to receive the data ( )

Step 7: Under the Data section you can add any field we support in our API (FNAME, LNAME, EMAIL, PHONE, etc) . Make sure you include the APIKey (like below).

Step 8: Test the Step - and you should get a SUCCESS response.

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