Setup Checklist

If you are setting up your RAIA Platform and your first A.I. Assistant, here is a checklist to follow:

  1. Setup your Assistant for Conversations (Email, SMS, Web Chat)

    • When you click on your Bot you will see three communication features you need to complete:

      • Email - you will need to setup the default Intro Email and Signature (this is important if you are doing outbound emails) (see more)

      • Phone - you will need to setup your default Intro SMS. (see more)

      • Web Chat - you will need to setup your default Intro, Prompts and branding elements (logo, color) (see more)

  2. Setup of Custom Domain (not required, but recommended)

    • By default your bot will use a email. You have the ability to add your custom domain. For example, if your domain is - you can setup to be your default email domain. This requires setup of DNS records under your main domain (e.g. in Godaddy, DNS Provider). You can start by submitting your domain in the app under Integration > Domains.

  3. Integration with CRM (not required, but recommended)

    • If you have a CRM and want to send leads to your A.I. Assistant to reach out to via email or sms, you will need to use our API or Zapier to deliver the leads. If you need support connecting your CRM with RAIA please make sure to reach out to

  4. Uploading Contacts for outreach (not required, but recommended)

    • If you have a contact list you want RAIA to outreach to via email or SMS, there are few guidelines:

      • Before you upload your list, make sure the contacts have opted-in to receive communication from you (e.g. from your website, or entered information via a lead form, customer list, etc). It is important you comply with TCPA and CAN-SPAM. (also, it's our experience sending unsolited emails and text messages never works)

      • Once you upload your List, it will require approval from our compliance team. This typically takes 24-48 hours for new clients. Over time, this process is automated.

Once you have configured your A.I. Assistant to send and receive communications, it is ready to go. You can easily test your A.I. by sending SMS, Email or using Live Chat to experience exactly what your contacts, customers, leads or anyone else will experience.

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