Email Limitations

Email Delivery is a high priority for us and so we have a compliance process for all emails that are sent out using our mail service.

Contact List Approval

When you initially upload your contacts we review your emails by testing for delivery. It is important that all emails are valid.

Email Throttling

Once we approve your contact list you can then launch your outreach from your A.I. Assistant. We do throttle the number of emails that we send out per day. The starting limit for all A.I. Assistants is 30 per day. Over time this can be increased if a good email reputation is maintained.

Our Email Validation Process

We currently do an SMTP Check for every email before sending out. If an email is considered a

  • valid - if the email is valid we send.

  • unknown - we do not send if status is unknown

  • do_not_send - we do not send if status is do_not_send

  • abuse - we do not send if status is abuse

  • invalid - we do not send if status is invalid

  • catch-all - we do not send if status is catch-all

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