Blogger Bot: SMS to A.I. to Blog

One of the core use-cases for Generative A.I. is generating content. We have all seen what is possible using ChatGPT or DALL-E to create text or images.

Here is a case study on how we use RAIA to generate an A.I. Assistant who is trained to create content (in this example a Blog) from a prompt sent to the bot via SMS.

Here is the SMS Sent to the A.I. Assistant:

The First message from the user was "Ok. I want to write a Blog"

You will notice, the Blogger Bot responds with some clarification and also adding more context to the prompt - so when it sends the request to the "Writer Bot" - it has enough information and clarity to execute the task.

One the conversation is over, the information is summarized and sent to a Writer Bot (also in the RAIA platform) and the Blog is created. (See here or view screenshot below)

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