Setting up Bot Default Email

When setting up your Bot you are required to setup a default Email with Subject, Body and Signature.

  • Your subject should be short and simple and personal. Ideally it would be customized for each contact (you would have to do this in the import file before you import). Remember that this email is coming from a "person" (a.k.a your Assistant) - so do not write as if it is a Email Marketing Blast. Make it personal as if you were writing it personally to the recipient.

  • Your Body should follow the same logic. Do not make it a marketing email. Keep it short and end with a strong call to action and provoke a response. The goal with the Intro Email is to get the recipient to reply. Keep it less than a few sentences and speak as if it is a personal email coming from you (or your assistant).

  • Your Signature should include the name of the sender (if you are using your assistant as the sender than use the name of the A.I.). Include your address, and links and a way for the recipient to optout. You can say something like: Opt-out on future emails from me.

Make sure to include your physical address and a link to unsubscribe (our optout link is

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